Tree of Life: Nailya Alexander Gallery's Group Exhibition Now Open

George Tice (b. 1938, Newark), Oak Tree, Holmdel, New Jersey, 1970. Platinum/palladium print, printed 2007, 20 x 24 in. (50.8 x 61.0 cm). Edition 4/30.
NEW YORK, NY.- Nailya Alexander Gallery is presenting Tree of Life, on view online through  Friday 31 July 2020. This group exhibition includes work by Denis Brihat (b. 1928, Paris), Albarrán Cabrera (b. 1969, Spain), Ingar Krauss (b. 1965, East Berlin), Sumner Wells Hatch (b. 1984, New Hampshire), Nicholas Hughes (b. 1963, Liverpool), Ann Rhoney (b. 1953, Niagara Falls), Pentti Sammallahti (b. 1950, Helsinki), George Tice (b. 1938, Newark), and Alexey Titarenko (b. 1962, St. Petersburg). The exhibition also includes a new artist that Nailya Alexander is excited to welcome to the gallery, Lucretia Moroni (b. 1960, Milan). There are few symbols as pervasive across different religions, philosophies, and mythologies as the tree.  [More]

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