We Can’t Cancel ‘White Jesus,’ But We Can Keep Telling Our Church’s Story

By Paul Robinson
A mosaic depiction of Jesus. Photo by Dorothée Quennesson/Pixabay/Creative Commons
I am not writing to "cancel" Warner Sallman or his portrait depicting Jesus as a blond, blue-eyed European. Sallman was a Christian, a member of the Evangelical Covenant Church, and not the first to depict Jesus as “blond and blue-eyed.” At the time of Sallman’s “Head of Christ” the Swedish immigrants who founded what has become the Evangelical Covenant Church were integrated into American culture as “white.” The spoils of majority culture carry with it the ability to set the narrative, and Sallman’s art was not just the creation of his imagination, but the offspring of a narrative that America has been telling for some time. We are committed to reaching all ethnicities and inviting them in. [More]
Paul Robinson

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