Monday, August 31, 2020

Hank Willis Thomas at the Cincinnati Art Museum

By Ross Dwyer
"Guernica" (2016)
CINCINNATI---American artist Hank Willis Thomas is set to hold a mid-career survey at the Cincinnati Art Museum. Spotlighting racial justice, Willis Thomas’s powerful sculptures and photographs tap familiar themes like sports to examine America’s current cultural climate in a impactful-yet-digestible fashion. Spanning over 30 works, the assemblage’s standouts include 2016’s Guernica, a mixed media piece that combines memorable NBA jerseys from Dennis Rodman to Magic Johnson and Penny Hank Willis Thomas’s mid-career survey will be on display at the Cincinnati Art Museum from September 4 to November 8. Due to COVID-19 coronavirus related concerns, free tickets must be secured in advance. [More
"I AM A Man" (full set), 2009