Alejandra Almuelle’s Portentous Buddhist Porcelains in Austin

By Michael Barnes
Alejandra Almuell's grouping of seven figures is taken from the Buddhist practice of making tankas, paintings that are tools for meditation and teaching
AUSTIN, TX--Two things urged me over to Cloud Tree Studios and Gallery in East Austin for my first in-person art show in months: Alejandra Almuelle’s portentous porcelains, earthenware and stoneware, as well as the gallery’s inviting plan for visitor safety. Let’s deal with the latter first. Cloud Tree owner Brian David Johnson — a wood artist in his own right — has chosen a reassuring format for visiting his gallery located inside a vintage 1948 Quonset hut on East Fifth Street. An interested party may book a time slot at the gallery website for a 20-minute visit with a small group or, as I did, just for oneself. Johnson lays out all the familiar precautions — masks, distancing and so forth — then he and/or the artist are on hand to welcome you to the show. [More]


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