What I Buy & Why: Bangladeshi Collector Durjoy Rahman on Why He Loves Impractical Art

Durjoy Rahman with Atul Dodiya’s Kiefer’s Cell (1999) on background left. Courtesy of Durjoy Bangladesh Foundation.
In a year marked by slowdown, art collector Durjoy Rahman has been busier than ever. He founded the Durjoy Bangladesh Foundation, based in Dhaka and Berlin, two years ago to support art from South Asia. Since the lockdown hit, the foundation established two dovetailing initiatives to help local artists stay afloat. Rahman’s personal art collection, which he started in the 1990s, echoes this interest in both the global South and the Western cannon. His 1,000-plus collection includes British stars David Hockney and Lucien Freud, as well as such Indian and South Asian masters as Rafiqun Nabi and Safiuddin Ahmed. We took a peek at Rahman’s resplendent collection inside his Dhaka home. [More
Andy Warhol’s Ingrid Bergman (1983); Shahbuddin Ahmed’s Jump (1997). Courtesy of Durjoy Bangladesh Foundation.


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