RELIGIOUS ART | ALPHA OMEGA ARTIST -- 5 Finalists for 2020

By Gregory & Ernest Disney-Britton
This year is wrapping-up (thankfully), and that means it's time to vote for the 2020 artist who has done the most to promote religious dialogue in America. Total votes are based on page views. In a first, this year, none of the finalists had museum shows, so Covid-19 made way for the "un-museumed" to shine. The five 2020 finalists are Michael Cook (UK), Mous Lamrabat (Morocco), Harmonia Rosales (IL), Genesis Tramaine (NY), and Israel Solomon (IN). To vote, pick one from the list below and share the link and hashtag #AlphaOmegaPrize.
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Michael Cook's "Christ Weeps Over Lazarus." Charcoal on paper. In the collection of The Community of the Resurrection.


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