RELIGIOUS ART | NEWS OF WEEK -- Aminah Robinson at the Columbus Museum of Art

Vernieda (Mom) Britton stands next to portrait of Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson at the entry of Robinson's exhibition, "Raggin' On: The Art of Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson's House and Journals" in Columbus, Ohio
Yesterday we were "Raggin' On" at the Columbus Museum of Art with The Art of Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson's House and Journals. The exhibition feels like a religious revival via color and texture, just like the life of this MacArthur "Genius" grantee. Mom Britton is fascinated with the larger than life hands -- "They are sacred poses," she told us. Mom acquired her first piece in 1981, and in 2004, became Robinson's "RagGonNon" docent at Cincinnati's Freedom Center. A day with mom's favorite artist makes Aminah our collector's tip of the week.
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Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson's "Incantations (from Themba: A Life of Grace and Hope series)", 1996-2012. Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio: Estate of the artist.
Aminah Robinson, Big Annie Makin' a Quilt for Baby Roy, 1983.
Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson, Sunrise, 1996-2012
Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson, School Days in Columbus, Ohio, 2006
Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson, Poindexter Village Ragmud

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