Wednesday, March 18, 2015

HH Dorje Chang III is just one of the headlines in this week's explosion of interest in Buddhism

By Ernest Disney-Britton
Lot 109 “Ink Lotus” by H. H. Dorje Chang III, ink and color on paper. Script translates, "An utter chaos strewn with broken strokes: a peculiar sight, yet wondrously endowed with a soul-soothing charm."
With the rush of Asia Week comes a rush of desire to learn more about Buddhism, and there has been an explosion of Buddhist news this past week. There has been news about the Chinese government's plans for reincarnation and new attention on Buddhist cults. Buddhist censorship made headlines too, and there's renewed interest in a Buddhist artist and spiritual leader, known as the “Living Buddha”, H. H. Dorje Chang III. On Sunday, March 22nd, the painting "Ink Lotus" by H. H. Dorje Chang III will be auctioned along with other Buddhist art at Gianguan Auction. The ink and color on paper work is an explosion of line and emotion that reflects the inner journey, and that explosion of debate will continue well beyond this year's auction during Asia Week.