Sunday, May 28, 2017


By Gregory & Ernest Disney-Britton
Roberto Cuoghi's "Imitation of Christ" (2017). Courtesy of the Venice Biennial
Italian artist Roberto Cuoghi is fascinated by issues surrounding transformation, time, memory, identity, and death. His "Imitation of Christ" at the Venice Biennial, builds upon that aesthetic in a futuristic installation where statues of Christ on the Cross are sculpted from organic materials. These sacred effigies are stored in giant transparent igloos where mold and bacteria corrode the body of the Christ modifying its thickness and color. The work investigates the phases of creation, deterioration, death, and resurrection creating images that are not ever-identical but instead eternally different. Every copy of Coughi's Christs on the cross differs from the others forcing Christians to question what does it mean to be like Christ? [link]

Thought for today: Never accept imitations, accept only your ideal.

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