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By Gregory & Ernest Disney-Britton
"Crucifixion" by Harmonia Rosales. Limited edition prints now available.
Before COVID-19, Black men in America were lynched and crucified. It continues today, and artists continue to tell their story. Listen to this week's "Take Your Knee Off Our Necks" by Jenifer Lewis, and the "The Seven Last Words of the Unarmed," a choral work by Joel Thompson, where he quotes the final words of seven Black men before they were killed. The music in both is beautiful, and the impact is devastating. In solidarity with protestors of the killing of George Floyd (May 2020, Minneapolis), "Crucifixion" by Harmonia Rosales is our art of the week.

This morning, as communities reflect on the inevitable violence that followed the protests, critics are outraged by looting, and discount the continued police killings. Is violence ever necessary? If you were the hopeless victim in decades of race-based killings, what would you do? For those who see a better way, you should be fixing the problem. If the names of Trayvon Martin (2012), Eric Gardner (2014), Dreasjon Reed and George Floyd (2020), don't come easily to your lips, you are part of the problem. There is a lesson in the crucifixion. We have a choice. We can be the people who tear down this cross of racism or we can be the the Roman guards at the crucifixion.
Ever since she began her art career, Afro-Cuban artist Harmonia Rosales’s main artistic concern has been focused on black female empowerment in western culture.

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By Gregory & Ernest Disney-Britton
Creation of God (2017) by Harmonia Rosales
New World Consciousness (2018)
The Orisha's (2019)