By Gregory & Ernest Disney-Britton
Artist Nick Cave poses with Gregory Disney-Britton during Chicago Expo 2019
Nick Cave was named the artist of the year this week by the Alpha & Omega Project for Contemporary Religious Arts, but we want to talk about Naudline Pierre. Like Nick Cave and even Kanye West, she’s an artist on a mission, and isn't that exciting? Both Cave and Pierre are masters of mixed colors, but Cave is an Old Testament messenger, while Pierre is more New Testament. This Sunday, we celebrate Nick Cave as our artist of the year for his righteousness, but also Naudline Pierre as our artist of the week for restoring our faith in gentle blessings.
Naudline Cluvie Pierre
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Naudline Pierre's "Blessed Are the Blessed" (2018)
Lead Me Gently Home, 2019 Oil on canvas, 96 x 120 inches (triptych)
Hold Me This Way, 2017 Oil and enamel on canvas, 54 x 52 inches

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