A&O Acquisitions 2020

"Crucifixion" by Harmonia Rosales
We've been collecting together since 2009, and during this Covid-19 year, we more than doubled our level of collecting ever before. Led by Luke 12:34, "For where your treasure is, there will be your heart also," we followed our hearts to support visual artists during the pandemic. The 12 acquisitions in 2020 were: 
  1. Nina Chanel Abney's "Imaginary Friend" (2020); 
  2. Marsha Bailey's "The Temple" (2020); 
  3. John Bergmeier's "Up Through the Endless Ranks of Angels"; 
  4. Michael Cook's "Christ Weeps Over Lazarus" (2019); 
  5. Tony Melendez's "Jesus The Tolerant" (2012); 
  6. Harmonia Rosales's "Crucifixion" (2020); 
  7. Adam Russell's "Water Lilly" (2020); 
  8. Adam Russell's "Walking Fish" (2019); 
  9. Diane Kahlo's "Alma Venesa Cardenas Ramos" (2010); 
  10. Ed Knipper's "Peter Led From Prison"; 
  11. Israel Solomon's "Christ with Wound" (2020); 
  12. and Ai Weiwei's "MASK - Feishu" (2020).